Author Topic: Patch Notes: September 21, 2018  (Read 1026 times)

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Patch Notes: September 21, 2018
« on: September 21, 2018, 11:15:24 AM »
Exp Ring Descriptions (FIX)
Cash Shop Headgears now Non-Tradeable
Item Description FIX
Geffen Battle Arena Fix

3d Glasses Costume (MID) 2,000 ROKS

New NPC :
Lotti & Lolita (Premium Ticket Zeny & ROKS)
Location : Prontera 130, 215
*Premium Ticket Non-Tradeable/But can be put in Storage (Buy it from NPC instead)
Elven Ears Piercing Expert at prt_in (Refining Room Prontera) 20% - pRO Official Percent Chance
---- More details within the day on our website!

New Changes :
Costume Fairy NPC - Lowered Prices (No Silvervine Option now : 1,000,000 zeny)

New Events :
Midgard Attack (Saturday Weekly Event)
Saturday 12:00pm , 4:00pm , 8:00pm
**MVP of the Week : Pharaoh, Osiris, Amon-Ra)
**Town of the Week : Prontera
* All MVP of the Week marches to Midgard Town, so they may NOT be found in their original maps.
* MVP of the Week Event Summons have no drops
* All Participants will receive Royal Midgard Scroll
* Royal Midgard Scroll (Rare : Costume Evil Druid, Costume Eremes Guile Scarf)
* MVP of the Week marches to a town and arrives on certain time slots.