Our FULL and LITE clients were uploaded on various file servers. We recommend you download FULL CLIENT to avoid possible errors & play w/o any hassle. May you have any concerns upon installation, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Please, download, install and play the game.NOTE: Always patch (Run as Admin) the game files.

This is the Lite Client download. Please make sure to follow instructions below.

If the two links above does not work for you, or you may need an alternative option, please download from links below.

Step 1:
Download the Lite Client File from the link above.

Step 2:
Extract the .zip file onto your desired directory.

Step 3:
Go and copy the following files below from any Ragnarok Folder that you have.
* DATA.GRF * BGM (Full Folder) And paste onto your Vanir RO Lite Folder

Step 4:
Make sure to launch the "Vanir RO Launcher" file and run as admin to avoid in game errors. Also let it patch if there is any.

NOTE: Do not copy and paste the contents of the lite folder to another server's folder.

Homunculus & Mercenary Support

If you happen to have encountered an error when using the AUTO-ATTACK for homunculus and Mercenaries. Please consider downloading these files for a simple fix.


Missing mfc100.dll

*Make sure that you have no OPEN client of Vanir Ragnarok Online while doing these steps

Step 1 :
Download this file : mfc100.dll LINK BELOW

Step 2 :
Extract the file mfc100.dll when you are finished with the download.

STEP 3 :
Go to C:\Windows\System32 and copy paste the mfc100.dll file

STEP 4 :
Start the game again. Do not forget to always run as admin and run the patcher.

** Remarks **
Please report any broken link you may find so we can immediately upload a fresh copy of the installer or chat with us on Facebook so we can have someone to assist you.

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